With Sequentia Biotech, Fervento developed a cloud framework to offer bioinformatics analyses as a service (SaaS) creating a new market and increasing productivity.

Partnership with Sequentia Biotech

Sequentia Biotech is a bioinformatics company that offers services and technologies that help transform genomic data into knowledge in academic research, plant and animal breeding and biomedicine.

Flexible Architecture to develop new Products

  • A spin-off product (GAIA) was added in four months.
  • Sequentia changed its cloud provider (from Amazon AWS to Google GCP) in one night.

Elastic and Dependable Service for Profit Scaling

  • The service scales as the number of analyses performed by the users, so as the service revenues.
  • A solution for monitoring and handling errors assures in case of failures the business continuity.

Maintainable implementation for long-term Sustainability

  • Analyses run in virtualized and stable environments to keep low maintenance costs.


Supporting the company in building a novel product, supervising software activities, developing critical software components.


Democratize bioinformatics, ensuring every researcher can perform their own genomics data analysis quickly, efficiently and in a more affordable way

Fervento supported the design and development activities of a bioinformatics team by offering the missing software architecture and software engineering capabilities.

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