Caleido Group S.p.A. and Fervento are developing a business-critical cloud application for Tour Operators and Travel Agencies

Partnership with Caleido Group

Caleido Group has been active for more than forty years in the high/medium-end tailor made tourism sector offering high quality services aimed at both the consumer and business markets.

Evolvable Architecture designed for World-Wide diffusion

  • A microservice architecture based on OpenAPI paved the way for hundreds of third-party APIs integrations.
  • Kubernetes and design by interfaces were adopted to avoid cloud provider lock-in issues.

High Availability for uninterruptible Profit-Making Services

  • Circuit breakers isolate down-times of third-party content providers and guarantee business continuity.

High Performance to get a remarkable Competitive Advantage

  • Sophisticated asynchronous communications have been designed to maximize daily operative productivity.
  • A scalable backend tied to a performant NoSQL database offers a remarkable competitive advantage on API resell.


Support the company in revolutionizing its IT platform, managing software outsourcing, designing IT infrastructure, reduce costs, develop the cloud architecture and critical software components.


Innovate the tourism sector to return to the tailoring of the past, exploit advanced technological tools that ensure efficiency and speed associated with extreme attention to detail

Fervento supported the design and development activities of a medium size company. Bringing to the table open minds allowed for the use of new techs in the travel business, by differentiating the IT offering, Fervento, greatly boosted the development activities. The whole company participated in the process and all relevant stakeholders have given tangible inputs: C-suite, managers, operatives, commercials and travel agencies.

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