With IVM, Fervento built Octopus a big-data system to acquire and analyse massive data produced by on-board train sensors.

Partnership with IVM

IVM - Innovative Vibration Monitoring, develops monitoring and diagnostic systems for the railway industry. IVM’s products require multidisciplinary skills and advanced engineering competences.

Flexible Architecture to add new Features

  • A spin-off product, requiring a new system use case (the railway-side acquisition), was added in one month.
  • The architecture allows to plug new sensors anytime to meet hardware vendors changes.
  • Data transfers use multiple interfaces to anticipate system evolutions requiring any bandwidth.
  • Big-Data storage solution supports multiple indexes to meet unforeseen requirements for new data analyses.

Scalable and Dependable Design as for Industrial needs

  • The Big-Data Architecture scales to hundreds of trains (TBs of new data per day) to support world-wide deployments.
  • A sophisticated distributed algorithm monitors the system for self-diagnosis and recovering.


Supporting the company in building a novel product, supervising software activities, developing critical software components.


Continously improve railway safety using any train as a smart device.

Fervento supported the design and development activities of a multidisciplinary team encompassing problems related to: hardware, firmware, distributed systems, data analytics and big data.

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